Tempted but not ready

Should we have an early morning service on Sundays for those that would rather come at 8 AM and then go to Sunday School and be ready to go home at 10:20 AM or not? That is the question!

Our Sunday School begins at 9:30 and then the regular preaching service at 10:30! We do not need to start the earlier service due to space but simply as a way to serve and reach more people. We have talked about it now for months! We considered giving it a try on Easter Sunday which is next Sunday but have decided to hold off!

We will begin an earlier service that will be identical to the regular service one day! I think that right now is too early! We need more time to get ready! Right now my thoughts are to way until the fall of this year! We will wait until school is back in session and see about it then.

Why don’t you make a comment here to let me know what you think. How many people might like to come to an earlier hour? Thanks for praying with me, for me and about this matter. God bless each of you!

4 thoughts on “Tempted but not ready”

  1. Hey, I think I could make it to an 8am service and it would be ok, cause we don’t have one!! I must be really backsliding if I need 3 sermons in one okay! BRING IT ON.

  2. Is the notion of an early service to make Sundays more convenient for people? Convenient for what…to let them get church out of the way and have more time for themselves? What would it do to the pastor, staff and workers to have to do double (and repititious) duty? Or could you duplicate the set of workers? Do you think it would feel like two separate churches, diminishing the fellowship, unity, and teamwork; and complicating the preparation and communication?

  3. Actually the notion of an early service is to get double use out of our building! We will be in the same rented space for several years unless God works a mighty miracle. I am praying for Him to work a miracle. We will only be able to hold 250 or so max in the building that we currently have. By that I mean the auditorium.

    There are people that like to go to church earlier and some may have carnal motives no doubt but I am hoping that others would just like to go to church earlier because they are up earlier.

    In Peru we had to have 2 services–you are right that it really can make you feel like two separate churches but that will only go on until we can build a building and then we also have Sunday nights where those that really want to carry the load of the church will show up

    It is not ever my goal to have 2 or 3 services just for the sake of extra work or to diminish unity or fellowship–it is only to use our facility to the max and to reach as many people as possible

    Just pray with us please that we will know what God would have us to do and when.

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