Real quick up date

More will come later but I thought you might like to have the blessings that God has given us so far today!

New members by letter!

This morning God allowed us to get two new members by letter, Eric Martin and Rachel Ball!


We also saw Pastor Trent Cornwell baptize Santiago Arenas and Pastor Ronald Tubillas baptized 4 people, Luz Maria Reyes, Marjorie Betanqur, Luisa Betanqur, and Daniela Betanqur!

All these that got baptized have joined the church also!


We had 178 in Sunday School and 234 in the morning service!

The Spanish church hit an all time record high of 48 and the entire church set a record in the morning service!

God was very good to us on our second anniversary! I appreciate all the hard work that everyone did.

I also want to thank Pastor Wayne Cofield and the Whitfield Baptist Church because without their love, prayers, and support this would not have been possible. Click here to read his very kind comments on his blog!

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