What to expect at Vision Baptist!

When we stand to preach or teach in any classroom or from the pulpit of Vision Baptist Church I hope that the following quote will always be what we feel. The following is from a message of Charles Spurgeon! I could never express it so well. But read it please.

If you should not be a attender or member of Vision and were to come to visit I want you to know what to expect. All we want is to teach the Bible plain and true. We want to be just repeaters of Divine Truth! Check out the quote and let me know what you think!

“I am content to live and to die as the mere repeater of Scriptural teaching; as a person who has thought out nothing, and invented nothing, as one who never thought invention to be any part of his calling; but who concluded that he was to take the message from the lips of God to the best of his ability, and simply to be a mouth for God to the people, mourning much that anything of his own should come between, but never thinking that he was somehow to refine the message or to adapt it to the brilliance of this wonderful century, and then to hand it out as being so much his own that he might take some share of the glory of it.”

We have nothing new at Vision Baptist Church to teach or preach! We haven’t learned anything new! We may use new facilities, new furniture, new musical instruments, screens and projectors but we just keep on teaching and preaching the Word of God. I know that is what you want as do all of His children!

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