Headed into Battle

The following comes from a blog post by our missionary Kevin Hall in South Africa. It is so true and bears reading and applying. Why don’t you comment and let me know what you learn from this short message by a man in middle of the war!

Every week it seems that we have disappointments that comes from the lives of our fellow church family. They come into the house of God dragging their baggage of sin, or they don’t make it their at all and that is not even including the lost. Why is this? Because Satan had a good strategy, he planned, purposed, and executed well. He knows he is in a battle. Every week He makes sure He has done His best to prevent your church from bringing God glory. What have you done this week to ensure your church does bring God glory?

In sports the team that practices the hardest, has the best game plan, and is mentally ready will usually win the game. Unfortunately, most church members look at Sunday as just another day in the week. They wake up, eat, do a little devotion, and head off to WAR! What kind of an approach is that? While they are loading up the caravan brothers and sisters are being killed like flies. There is no game plan, there has been no preparation, and we mosey into the battlefield like we are going to a ballgame as just mere spectators. You are going to get your head blown off, and those of the men and women around you. Wake up this morning!!! I Peter 5:8 – “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:” Help your pastor. Get involved in the ministry. Prepare before Sunday. Be prepared to WIN on Sunday!!!

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  1. This came in an email just now in response to this post:

    Your Right Brother Austin! Tell Mrs. Betty hello too,

    We had Bro. Jason Holt preach this morning at church (Light House Baptist) on the story in Gen. 17: 26 this morning about Lot’s wife turning to a pillar of salt and ‘Commitments’. We know Lot’s wife made a commitment to her husband, to the Lord when he said, ‘Leave this place’ and like too many times we ourselves make shallow commitments also. Some one decides to go to the altar and we follow and say, ‘yeh, me too, I’ll work the bus route’ and as soon as you ride the bus, get screamed at, or how about this, you visit ½ of Saturday afternoon and hardly anybody shows up on the bus. So you think, “Well that wasn’t God’s will for me anyway
    to work the bus route. No, it was probably just that you made a shallow commitment.

    We have to realize these decisions require effort, work, endurance, the attitude I will not give up or give in either. Also, If our commitments are really made with God the Almighty, then it doesn’t matter if my friend or my spouse quits. I’ve made a commitment with my Heavenly Father and he’s faithful and will finish the work that He has begun in me. Your Right let’s get involved!! But remember, nothing worthwhile comes easy.

    I read all your mail Bro. Austin and I’m encouraged and challenged and pray for you and Betty often. The efficiency story was the funniest. Hugs to Betty, tell her Mrs. Debbie is better this week as is Bro. Charles. Take care.

    For His Glory,
    Leasine Ozorkiewicz

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