Excited about Sunday

This Sunday morning the message will be a very challenging and extremely important message. The Sunday AM message will be on Examine and Prove Yourself! Do you know for sure that you are saved, born again, and on your way to Heaven? Do you know from the Bible how to be sure that you are saved? Do you know the Biblical evidences of salvation?

I am not talking about feeling you are saved, having prayed a prayer or been baptized but truly born again! This Sunday morning we will examine this great truth in the light of the Word of God. Be sure to come with your friends and family and Examine and Prove Yourself!

Then on Sunday night we will finish the book of Acts this time through! I am excited about this message because we will see how Biblical Preaching ought to be! Don’t miss this Sunday. I am looking forward to what God is going to do in and through us!

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