What a great staff and church!

Well this morning I want you to know that I will be missing you as you start the services today. I missed you on Thursday night. Anytime I am away preaching somewhere else I always miss you. I love each of you and I love our church!

I thank God for having allowed me to be associated with such great people like the staff that I have been given by God. I want to thank Brother Tony for always being there and preaching and helping though he receives with no salary. I want to thank Mark Coffey who has to deal with tons of pressure and things going on all the time and does it with such poise. I want to thank Trent Cornwell for his passion, his desire and his willingness to do whatever needs to be done to get the job done.

I want to thank Philip and Mark for working as staff yet never getting a dime. They are the best volunteer staff that a man could want. I want to thank John and Sandy for the long hours that they put in taking care of the finances of our church and so much book keeping.

I want to thank all the Sunday School teachers, those who pick up people for the services, Ronald Tubillas and his wife as they lead the Spanish ministry, Robert, Micah, Scott, and David who do things just because they see the need. Mariangela and the other girls and how they just jump in and go to work. David and Anne Lundy are a blessing in what they do in the children’s ministry. Kristen who plays the piano by the hour each week. Wow what a church.

I want to thank Elizabeth for always being there and cleaning and preparing everything. There are dozens of others but I just wanted in some small measure to tell each of you how I love you and how I thank God for you.

I will be praying for the service today. I love you and believe in you and in the God that works in and through each of us. Have a great day!

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