Fairwinds Baptist Church

Betty and I are having a wonderful time at the Fairwinds Baptist Church in Bear, Delaware. We missed our chance for some snow last night. They talked about us having a change of getting some snow but it just didn’t work out!

This church, pastored by Carlo DeStefano, has been a friend and supporter now since 1986. God has used them tremendously. We are having a wonderful time here with them.

They took a group of 19 down to Peru on a missions trip in about 2002. They have more stories to tell than you can imagine and everyone that I am talking to either went or had some friend or family that went. They are telling me stories that I have forgotten.

It has been a blessing to get to spend some real time with one of the pastors, Jerry Factor. I have learned a lot from him as we have talked. He is the youth director, coach, and assistant pastor here in the church. He has served on staff something like 20 years. He is doing a good job.

What a privilege to be in a church that has developed real fellowship and where people have grown to live in real community with each other for so many years. I am excited about this church.

The founding pastor Everit Britton is still here. He is 87 years old. His first wife died and he re married late last year. They seem to be so happy. God has tremendously blessed them.

Thank you for praying for me. Thank you for all you do to make our church what it is. I am looking forward to hearing what God will do with you on Sunday. I can’t wait for Celebration Sunday and to see God do great things. Then right after that we will have Easter Sunday.

Don’t ever let the passion die! Don’t get used to what God is doing! Let’s continue growing until we see Jesus.

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