Bear, Delaware!

Well if you were at Vision tonight you will have noticed that Betty and I were not there. We are in Fairwinds Baptist Church, Bear, Delaware. The pastor here is Carlo DeStefano. They supported our ministry for 19 years while we were in Peru. This is a great church and we have wonderful friends here.

We will be here preaching there Mission’s Conference through Sunday evening! Then we will fly back on Monday morning. I want to thank Tony Howeth for preaching tonight. I got word that we had 99 and that Brother Tony did a great job!

I preached a message called “Both and Willing” tonight and had a great time. I want to ask you to pray for me that God would use me.

Also pray for me so that this more solitary time will produce some great results for the ministry of our church. When I am away from all the movement I am always able to think, pray, plan, and work on the ministry and not so much in the ministry.

I love you guys so very much and sure hope that you will be praying and working to have God bless us greatly on Celebration Sunday and also Easter Sunday.

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