Super Special Thank you!

Yesterday, our church, hosted the Georgia Independent Baptist Preacher’s Fellowship! I wanted to express my great appreciation to all of you that did so much to make it a very special day!

Thank you to Brother Tony Howeth and Brother Roger Green for bringing wonderful messages. Both messages were great and they were very helpful messages. Several people commented to me on the messages and what a blessing they were.

I also want to thank all of you that helped with the food! We had a wonderful meal. Thank you to my wife Betty and to Sandy Pearson who both did a tremendous job. Whenever something needs done you do not have to question Sandy! She will be on the job! She carries a heavy load at our church. She does much of the book work, always cooking and preparing food, checking everything around the building etc. Thank you Betty and Sandy for all you did yesterday!

Thank you to Stephanie Cornwell and Amy Coffey for fixing deserts.

Thank you to Philip Bassham for leading the music. Thank you to the guys who set everything up and I do not know who all did that but the staff and students here do such a wonderful job. Thank you for cleaning and preparing everything to be a blessing to our guests.

Thank you to Mariangela Simeon, Kathy Fies, Rachel Ball and Kristen Pearson for the special music. I knew you would do great and you did. You literally knocked it out of the park. I am so very proud of our music and you guys just get better and better every day.

Thank you Robert Canfield for all you do with the signs to make it possible for everyone to find the church. Being in a business park has its advantages but it also has its challenges but you do a great job helping people to find us.

I am sure that I am forgetting someone who did a lot so please know as the unsung hero that I noticed all that you did and that I appreciate all that was done yesterday to make it a great success.

As well as you did yesterday I know that we are well on our way to making Celebration Sunday and Easter Sunday a great success. Be praying now and preparing for a great day for the Lord on these two special Sundays.

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