The book has arrived!

Brother Tony and I have put a lot of work into a book for missionaries as has our whole team. Mark Coffey, Travis Snode, Morris Hunsucker, Kelli Canfield and I don’t know who else has worked so hard to get this book together.

We are really praying that God will use it to help missionaries raise their support. There is a lot that scares people about being a missionary but one of the scariest things of all is how they are going to raise their support. This book is going to help them in every area of their deputation.

For those from our church that may not understand the term–deputation is the process we use in our independent Baptist Churches and faith mission agencies. Our men and women make phone call after phone call and then visit churches. After a couple of years they should be able to raise all of their support.

This book and material has already been used by many people now for many years but we just haven’t had it in a published book. I am so proud of our team and I pray that God will greatly use the book to help get men and women to the mission field.

If you are interested in purchasing the book click here and you can buy it right now with your pay pal account or your credit card.

deputation manual

The book is not at its regular price of $16.95. Get it for a missionary you love!

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