Celebration Sunday in March!

Two wonderfully blessed years is how I would sum up what I am thinking about here in the month of March! Two years ago this month we were working hard on the phones calling everyone we could every night of the week. Several of us had a dream of what God could do here in Alpharetta, Forsyth County and the entire Northside of Atlanta.

It was only a dream and a prayer at that time. Betty and I along with the team that started this church had dreamed of reaching the world with the gospel message in our generation. As a missionary I had been traveling all over the world trying to stir people with the goal of world evangelism. I begged churches to get a passion for reaching the world.

I stirred the Peruvians to do all in their power to reach the world but one thought kept haunting us. There needs to be a church in Atlanta with a goal to reach the world with the gospel message. Not that there weren’t churches and good ones at that because there are. However I believed and still do that many churches have missions or world evangelism as a sideline or one of their ministries but it is not the central focus of their church.

I believe that every church wants to disciple believers, raise up leaders, get the gospel to the world etc. They want to do all that I believed that God wanted us to do. The problem is that the day to day living and ministering to local people can actually get in the way of the real goal of Matthew 28:18-20. It is not on purpose but rather an accident. We all have the heart to get the gospel to the world but some how we get discouraged with the world when it is obvious that we can’t even reach our local area.

For that reason we came to Alpharetta and the northside of Atlanta. Not in any way as a reflection on another church or preacher but rather as part of a goal to raise up and train leaders who would leave a local church and go to other parts of the USA and the world with the same message.

The dream is well on the way to a reality. God has allowed us to license seven young men to preach, to be training students to reach the world with the gospel message and to reach out to our own area also.

Two years ago we talked about it today we are doing it. God has allowed us to give a substantial amount but more than that He is allowing us to see people trained and practicing the ministry that they will do over seas right now.

Two years ago we were talking about it and now God has given us wonderful people who are working as a team. God has given us ministries to use to reach out to our community. God is doing great things.

Be sure and be with us on Celebration Sunday and celebrate what God is doing at Vision Baptist Church.

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