The wife of my youth!

Today is Valentine’s Day. I know that it is a secular holiday but I don’t think that we should need much of an excuse to tell our spouses that we love them. Betty and I have now had 34 Valentine’s Days together. She is and has been the love of my life.

She is literally the wife of my youth. When I went away to college I had no intentions of getting married until I got out of college. My dad had told me that if I got married before I got out of college that he would not help me at all–not with college or anything else.

In December I saw this kind of “hippy girl” in her blue jeans, moccasins, long black hair, and beautiful smile. I was, what is the word, smitten! I was working on somebody’s car changing the water pump. It was December and cold. I didn’t have my shirt on because I didn’t want it to get dirty. I weighed 145 pounds, ringing wet, and dressed fully even in my cowboy boots. (I know we were crazy and what little brains I had aren’t showing in this post)

I spoke to her and she actually spoke back. I finally got up the nerve to ask her out. She went with me because she liked the guy that we were going to double date with. She literally wasn’t interested in me. She wrote her mother and told her that she had had a date with a nice guy but he was kind of a red neck. I didn’t even know what that meant–literally. I think that means that I really was one because where I came from we didn’t even use the word.

Well Betty was known as a girl who didn’t want to party–in the terms of our day back then! She was a little Suzy Homemaker and Betty Crocker! Many of the guys weren’t looking for that–they had other intentions.

Guess what–I was looking for someone just like her. We had really only met in December and were married in the following August of 1973.

I can say that was literally the best decision I ever made after salvation. She has been my friend, my faithful companion, my co worker all over the world, the mother to my children, my confidant, literally my everything.

When I see her across the room my heart skips a beat. When I know that she is near I am far more comfortable. I think I preach better when she is there. I know I feel better.

She has made a wonderful home for me over all these years, prayed for me, loved me, been kind to me–she is my very best friend.

When I see the young guys getting married all I can think is that I certainly hope that they are as blessed as I have been. When my children got married all I wanted was for them to be as happy as I have been to find that person that makes them whole–I think that they have and I know that I have.

Betty, I love you and wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. By far the sweetest post you’ve every written.
    You both are such a blessing and inspiration to me and my family
    love you both, thank you for your testimony

    Corey G.

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