Amy Coffey Day!

Well, that was for Amy, I took Betty out to eat today for a special time of “Comfortable Communication”! Yes, it does cost! While I am sitting there talking to my wife we began to talk about the Ladies Retreat! Evidently it was a very special time.

Amy was the one in charge of planning, organizing, and guiding the entire retreat! As we sat there in our “romantic” time alone Betty continued to talk to me about Amy and how well she can teach and do just about everything else. It was exciting to see my wife so happy about Amy and the retreat even though I did think that maybe she would have wanted to tell me how wonderful I was instead of how wonderful Amy is!

Can I say as the pastor of Vision and leader of a tremendous team that it is wonderful to have a young lady like Amy. Betty says that she is one of the best teachers that she has ever heard. The words just roll off of her lips. She is a natural and who knows how much more I heard today.

Congratulations Amy! You are a tremendous blessing to our church and the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am very proud of you as your pastor. Keep up the good work.

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  1. Very undeserved but thankyou very much. I had tons of help with the retreat, there is no way I could have done it by myself, the ladies of Vision are some of the best in the World it makes our job very easy.

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