Two special preachers in March

Jason Holt will be preaching for us on March 6, 2008. We want to try and give between $2,000 and $3,000 to his building fund need. We are asking all of you that will to help us do something very special. He is one of our own. He may not be a member of our church but he is like a son to me and has been in the ministry with me for many years now. He is a friend and help to our church and we are honored and blessed to be able to be one of his largest supporters. I really believe we should shoulder his burdens just like he has to. I hope that you will separate a special amount of money to give to help meet this need. God has been working special miracles for them over the last few days and thousands have already been promised. I want us to be a special part of that.

Also in March we will have Pastor Scott Caudill preach for us on the 13th. Brother Caudill has been a good friend for many years. He is the pastor of the Canaan Baptist Church of Covington, Georgia. He is a much sought after preacher and will be a blessing to us. Brother Caudill is also a very special gospel singer and plays the piano. We might even get a song out of him. Don’t miss these special days.

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