Vision Ladies off to Callaway Gardens!

The first ladies retreat ever of the Vision ladies! I am excited for them. God is so good. I think that 15 ladies are on their way to Callaway Gardens. I am praying that God does a great work in their hearts. Our church is blessed with some wonderful ladies. Their heart to serve, love God, their husbands and their families is great.

I love seeing their ministry and their work. I am excited for them and pray that God does a great work in them. I look forward to hearing the reports of what God does when they get back.

I will definitely miss Betty. Usually I am the one that is gone not her. That means that I have to go home to an empty house tonight. Not too excited about that. I will be busy however because Jonathan C and I are planning on going to Victory Baptist Church tonight to see the Reformers Unanimous program in action. Maybe God is going to let us start a program.

That means I will get home late and so missing Betty won’t be as bad as it could be.

I am looking forward to Sunday. We will spend the day out of our Acts series. We will be looking at marriage and the husband wife relationship now for the next 3 services. I think that it is going to be great. Sunday night we will do the wedding vow renewals and both services Sunday we will see something from the Bible to make our home stronger.

I am praying for each of you in these trying economic times. I know that some are suffering but I know that we will come forth victorious. We go from triumph to triumph in Jesus Christ. Have a great day!

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