Great evening with Pastor Brent Armstrong

Brent Armstrong is the pastor of Oakwood Baptist Church in Anderson, South Carolina. He preached for us tonight at Vision. It was a wonderful evening. God gave us 98 people in attendance–only about 52 in the auditorium since the rest were in Spanish church or Master Clubs.

It was a great service. I am honored that men of the caliber of Pastor Armstrong would honor me by preaching for us.

Here is his outline for the evening:

The Ideal Test
What I am about to do, does God say it is ok in the Bible?

The Integrity Test
Would I want everyone to know about the decision I am about to make?

The Improvement Test
Will my decision make me a better person?

The Independence Test
Could my decision cause an addiction?

The Influence Test
Will my decisions harm other people?

The Investment Test
Is this decision the best use of my life?

Thank you Pastor Armstrong for being with us tonight!

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