Congratulations and prayer requests

Trent and Stephanie Cornwell are going to be the parents of a little boy! God is so good! I do not know of a finer couple any where. I count it an honor and privilege to work with Trent. He has such a heart for God and a desire to see God do great things. I hope you will join me in congratulating him!

Amy Coffey has a birthday today! I am blessed as a pastor to work with two of the finest men that I know. Mark Coffey and Trent Cornwell. Today is special for both. Amy is without a doubt one of the finest young ladies that I know. God has given her a special gift for teaching His Word. She is celebrating a birthday and I hope you will be sure to give her that special hug, handshake, and even that little gift!

Jeremy Hall is hurting. He has kidney stones. He is in Ohio where he has been preaching. He will be returning this afternoon to the Cumming area. Will you please pray for him!

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