Vision’s vision Sunday

I am excited today as we will get together this morning and again this afternoon to consider our vision and goals for the year. God has done great things with us up until now. I know that He has great plans. He has laid the ground work. He has put in some foundations and I know that He is going to build on it.

I am excited about what is going to happen this year. I am excited to know that if we plant and water it is God that gives the increase. I want to be busy planting and watering for His honor and glory. He will build His church.

I look forward to being with you at 4:30 pm for our banquet and then the goals and challenges. I hate it that we had to postpone our vision night due to the snow and then my trip to Burkina Faso and I hope that what happens today will have made it worth the wait.

I hope you are praying for me and for the services. I hope you are praying that God will get honor and glory from our lives this year and that we will do all in our power to magnify His name. I pray so much that He will use us.

Thanks for all you do. God bless each of you. We will have a wonderful day!

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