If Not Now When

Tonight was vision night! The following is the outline that we gave out of the message. It will at least give you an idea of what was said. I believe that God is going to allow us to see great things. Let me know what you think!

Isaiah 54:1-3

I. God’s richest blessings on us

a. They were barren and desolate but we are already experiencing God’s blessings 54:1

b. How ever the plan is always fruit, more fruit, and much fruit so we will not be satisfied John 15:2-8

c. We were started to be a world evangelism church and God has allowed us to give over $225,000 to missions in under 25 months

d. Though our monthly rent is approximately $15,000 God has met the need every month

e. 2007 attendance had an increase of over 50% over 2006 to an average of 101 in Sunday School and 121 on Sunday mornings

f. statistically church plants average less than 60 after two years

g. statistically church plants average growth for the second year is 33%–God gave us over 50%

h. We now have 90 members

i. God has blessed our every effort

j. Our theme for this years ministry will be IF NOT NOW WHEN?

II. God told the barren that they were going to break forth and needed to get ready for it 54:3

a. He has promised to build His church Matthew 16:18

b. Our responsibility is to plant and water and God gives the increase I Corinthians 3:7

c. We can work on certain things 54:2

i. Enlarging the place of our tent

ii. Stretching our curtains

iii. Lengthening and strengthening

iv. Spare not

d. Make the name and glory of the Lord Jesus and His Word our primary goal


III. Areas we need to work on

a. Get everyone possible involved in discipleship

b. Strengthen our visitation program—the SEVENTY

c. Take the World Evangelism Committee to the next level

d. Enlarge and better equip the nursery

e. Beg God to provide the men to start a Reformers Unanimous Program

f. Begin a serious ministry to reach Senior Citizens

g. Repaint and redecorate the entire church

h. Purchase one or two vans for the children’s ministry

i. Better roll out the red carpet for our visitors

i. Better signs

ii. Committed greeters and ushers

iii. Better kept bathrooms


IV. The dream that we have

a. We dream of a church that truly has a world vision that mandates every other ministry it has.

b. We dream of a church that is aggressively evangelistic in every endeavor and will do all in its power to take the gospel to the thousands that live on Atlanta’s Northside.

c. We dream of a multiethnic church that reaches out to all peoples regardless of social level, race, nationality or language with the good news of Jesus Christ.

d. We dream of a church that practices true life on life discipleship that will take the new believer from the new birth to full maturity in Jesus Christ

e. We dream of a church where all are welcome just as they are and where they will find all they need in Jesus Christ and the fellowship of His people

f. We dream of a church that equips every believer for a significant ministry by helping them discover the gifts and talents that God has given them

g. We dream of a church that sends its members by the hundreds on short term mission projects to every continent

h. We dream of a church that births 50 churches in the U.S. by 2020.

i. We dream of a church that sends forth 100 Missionary families to foreign fields by 2020.

j. We dream of a church with an auditorium seating 2000 with educational space for the Our Generation Training Center and all the ministries of our church!

k. We dream of a church of influence so blessed that the city and world can not ignore it

l. We dream of a Church whose altars are constantly filled with repentant sinners responding to Christ’s call to salvation.

m. We dream of a church that loves God and His work so much that they will gladly pay whatever the cost to see world evangelized in our generation.

n. We dream of a church that is so committed to raising, training and empowering leaders to carry the gospel to the world that all its ministries are consumed with this goal.


It is our goal to train and send out mature, capable disciples to the world to plant churches and ministries similar to Vision with the goal to evangelize the world in our generation.


2 thoughts on “If Not Now When”

  1. One can’t read this blog/outline without seeing why God led ya’ll to call your church Vision Baptist Church! That’s awesome vision, but more than that, I believe it’s Godly vision. I pray that by 2020, when your faith becomes sight, that you look back and wonder why you didn’t dream bigger than you did! I am pleased to be acquainted and associated with Vision Baptist and their God following Pastor! I’m with you, “If not now, when?”

  2. I can not tell you what your friendship means to me and the church. I am excited about what God is doing with us in these days. I know that He is going to use both Victory and Vision for great things. His name will be magnified and I want all of us to be involved in bringing that to pass if He will allow it

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