Being a closer!

Mark Tolson has been used of the Lord to reach people with the gospel message. I suppose in this past year that he has been privileged to baptize 5 adults. One of those is a wonderful man, Sam P.

This week Sam led his first person to the Lord Jesus. He came in the office just praising the Lord for having allowed him to take part in such a wonderfully blessed experience. Sam is regularly trying to witness, give out tracts, and reach people with the gospel message.

The thing that really blessed my heart was when he said, Mark is a closer and I want to be a closer. He doesn’t just want to talk about Jesus, he wants to be a crisis man, a closer, a man that brings the person to the point of decision and allows them to leave knowing for sure that they are saved. What a wonderful testimony for both Sam and Mark.

I too want to be a closer. I want to bring people to a point of making a decision for Christ.

I hope that you are doing your part to get the gospel to as many as you can. Be part of the SEVENTY. Give out a tract, write an email, make a call, witness but do something to get the gospel to others.

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