The first report of the 70

We just counted the contacts of the SEVENTY and found our first number to be 1422. That means that we have made that number of contacts through email, giving out tracts, knocking on doors, blogging, etc. What a wonderful blessing.

One man put on his card even the places that he had given out tracts or invitations. Another gave a name and address of a prospect for a Sunday School class.

Regardless it is certainly exciting to know how many people are working to get the message of Jesus Christ and our church out to the community. I know that many others are making contacts and have not placed them in the box so we are really more successful than we think.

Remember we are not responsible for the product or the results. We are only responsible for the process. As we give out information, pray, witness we wait on God to give the results.

Thank you so much for all you are doing to get the gospel out!

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