Great evening

I am listening to Trent Cornwell preach right now! I am very proud that God would allow us to have men like Trent to work and preach in our ministry. He is in deed in a man of God.

Yesterday we had a great evening here in Burkina Faso! The crowd was great, John preached and gave his testimony, then I preached. Then Keith got up and preached a little also. It was a great day and last night was kind of the time to celebrate what God did during the day.

I tried to preach to them and plant the idea that God will do great things with them if they will just allow God to use them. I believe some people began to dream about what God would do. I told them that all that God did in Peru He could do here. I showed them pictures after the service of the work in Peru and they want to see God move. Please pray for Keith and Rebecca Shumaker and their work here. Pray for these very dear and wonderful people.

Here is a personal note about a trip. We are staying in the up stairs room–second floor where Keith has his office. There is a bed room behind the office with a private bath. It only has a cold water shower so each day we have gotten up and prayed that God would give us a hot shower but to no avail.

Another thing that is very interesting about John Pearson is that in this room there is only one bed and an air mattress on the floor. John insisted as he always does, that I take the bed. Here he is sleeping on the air mattress and I am in a very nice bed. We have an epic air conditioner in our room that is maintained by Houston air conditioning services, so that makes it very comfortable. John was actually getting cold from laying directly under the air conditioner, and ends up it was broken. We called the front desk and they sent up the AC repair service from Brisbane which took care of the strange issue quite quickly.

Then in the bath room we have a friendly gecko. He runs from one end of the room to the other while I sit and think!!!! So far he has only made me nervous. The sun comes up early, the motorcycles run by the window, the roosters crow, and it gets to be time to get up. It has actually been very comfortable — except for the shower — and we have definitely enjoyed our trip here.

In just a few hours we will head for the airport– we need to be there at 1:30 am on Tuesday morning. We leave here at 3:30 am and go to Casablanca, Morocco and then on to New York and will be home sometime before midnight on Tuesday!

We are looking forward to getting home but we are very thankful for this great time in Burkina Faso. I want to ask you to pray and work to get to a mission field this year. One of my dreams is that at least one third of our church would be on a mission field each year. God will do a work in your heart where ever you go.

Thanks for praying. I will give you another update from here today before we leave! I really hope that you will come and see for yourself sometime soon.

Thursday night, Lord willing, we will have a review of our trip and John will show you some pictures. God bless

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  1. What an exciting time it appears you’re having, as well as a very impactful time. I praise the Lord for the heart of Austin Gardner. Praise the Lord for a man who loves his missionaries and who demonstrates it so clearly. I look forward to spending some time on the field with him. May God continue to bless your mission endeavours abundantly!

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