Great First Anniversary!

There were over 300 people in the first anniversary service here in Burkina Faso. The Shumakers were blessed of God in a big way today. There were literally dozens of visitors. At least 8 men made a decision to accept Christ as their Saviour today.

We preached first at a church on the outskirts where the Shumakers first started. The translation was pretty wild. I spoke in English, Keith translated in French and another man took it to the tribal langauge.

We then traveled to the main church and the people from the outskirts came on a bus to the main service for the anniversary! It was a wonderful day!

We watched as Keith baptized 7 new converts. What a blessed, fantastic day! We are very proud of the work that Keith and Rebecca are doing! I hope some of you will plan to come and visit sometimes. They need workers, visitors, prayer and support here. They are doing a great work–why do you not try to get involved!

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