Encouraging Report

I was asleep on one couch and John was at least nodding on the other couch when I got a call from Mark Coffey about our services today. Both Betty and Mark said that Trent Cornwell did an excellent job. I can not wait to hear the message on the Vision Pulpit podcast.

Betty said Mark Coffey did a wonderful job in the Couple’s Class, that we had 20 people and everyone was on time. That is wonderful news.

There were 112 in Sunday School, 141 in the AM church with over $2,100 offering, Spanish Church had a great day! Wow I am encouraged and want all of you to know that I love you and miss you very much. God is working here and I loved hearing about the blessings.

Especially after the dream that I had last night! I woke up this morning and well I will just have to tell you the story when I get back.

Thank you for loving the Lord Jesus. Thank you for being faithful. John and I will see you on Thursday night, Lord willing!

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