Second night service in Burkina Faso!

God really blessed tonight! There were 71 people in attendance. Three got saved! Many people made decisions to be faithful to God and to take the next step to find out what God wants them to do in their lives.

Tomorrow morning we head out to a village work. It is about 2 hours away, I understand! I will preach, Keith will translate, and then one more brother will translate the language into the tribal dialect! I hope you will pray for us!

I am pretty sure that John will also be saying a few words. He is always a blessing to the churches. We are leaving at 7 am to get out to preach. Then we will have a service again at the main church tomorrow night.

I hope you will pray for Burkina Faso that God will move and work here. Pray that Keith can raise up a group of young men and women (through the work of the Holy Spirit of course) that will be willing and able to be trained and then sent out across the city, the country and the continent.

I also want to thank you for praying for me, being faithful to the services, Brother Tony for preaching, and just a thousand things that all of you are doing that I do not know about!

This Sunday is an important day just like every other Sunday. Be in your place. Be faithful, invite someone, come praying and let God work in and through you.

I miss each of you and can’t wait to be back with you and see all that God is doing there.

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