First evening service in Burkina Faso!

We just had the privilege of going to our first service with Missionary Keith Shumaker and his family! The church is called Water of Life Baptist Church (that is translated obviously)! What a great job this wonderful family is doing! If you support them as missionaries you can know that they are being used of God and it would be well worth your time and money to come and visit!

There were 65 people in attendance! Several made decisions as I preached on How to turn the world upside down!

The construction is coming along great.

The Shumakers are a very faithful family! They have had many health issues, political problems have been endured, their support is down 40% because of a devaluation of the dollar but all is praise and glory to God from their lips. Stay tuned and keep up with what God is doing here.

I can’t wait to see you again. I thank Brother Tony Howeth for all he does for our church and I know you will enjoy his message tonight!

This Sunday you will be blessed to hear from one of the finest young preachers that I know: Trent Cornwell. I love this young man and thank God for him. I know that he is praying and that God will give him the message of the morning and the evening! Please support him and pray for him! Invite someone to be with you and have one of those Sundays with higher attendance with me out of the country than in!

I love you guys and count it a great honor to be your pastor. I have had God dealing with me very clearly to be grateful to Him for all that He has done in our church.

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