Bedtime in Burkina Faso

The gecko making a clucking noise finally came out from hiding! He is not as cute or talkative as the one on the TV commercials. I just wanted you to know that the TV gecko is a fraud! They have them in the house all the time–can’t get rid them! They do not bother anyone just come out and run from one hiding place to another.

The Shumakers are tremendous Christians! Their heart for these people is enormous. It is a blessing to see how Mrs. Rebecca works and serves. She is a real Christian lady! They have 3 wonderful, beautiful children. Isaac (which means laughter) has got to be one of the happiest children that I have ever known.

Tonight John Pearson did a wonderful job teaching, preaching or whatever you call it about how to be a good faithful layman. It was a real blessing. He always is when he speaks! Be sure and click here to keep up with John’s journaling of our trip also!

Be sure and check out the Church Planting discussion to hear an interview with a missionary wife that you all know from Morocco!

Burkina Faso means the land of the upright man! The Shumakers are doing all in their power to make this word become a reality. There is probably a short window of opportunity to get the gospel to this country. All of Africa is hardening. Will you pray about coming to West Africa as a missionary? Would you see about how God could use you to get the gospel here before the door closes? Please pray for the Shumakers!

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