Update on Matthew Lee!

The following is a post by Pastor Keith Lee! We have been praying for their baby, Matthew Lee! I hope you will continue to pray! Brother Lee is the pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church! They are good brethren and in great need of our love and prayers right now!

Thanks for all your prayers. The Lord is good.

Today Matthew made some improvement. Although he continues to be on the ventilator, the doctors have began to ween him down. At this time the ventilator continues to breath for him.

I was concerned that Matthew may have had some damage from his “code blue” episode yesterday. The doctors have ran several test and do not believe there was any damage. Praise the Lord!!!

Another encouraging thing is that when Amanda is in the room he tries to open his eyes and begins to squirm around. This means he is aware of her presence. This is wonderful.

The Doctors have identified a common virus (moraxella) as part of the problem. They have sent off another culture to test for the specific virus.

Please pray with us that they identify the exact virus. This will allow them to treat Matthew with the best antibiotics.

Again, thank you for your prayers. Many churches have specifically prayed for Matthew. I believe your prayers and the goodness of the Lord has gotten Matthew and our family this far.

Trusting the Lord,

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