Phones for You

How are these pictures as a blast from the past?! But I do not want them to just be from the past! I want to ask you to be praying for the ministry of the Seventy! We are forming a group of people that will be willing to give out at least one gospel tract a week, talk to someone, send an email, make a phone call, send a letter, or do any or all of these each week all year long with the desire to spread the gospel and get the truth to our community.

Getting ready for Celebration Sunday I am going to ask you to help us make phone calls again! I am going to ask you to help do something to reach people in our community with the gospel. Will you look those pictures over and see yourself there. Then think of how you can help us reach people with the message of Jesus Christ and our church between now and our second anniversary in March.

We are going to get all the names and addresses of every person that we can to send a letter to them and invite them to come and be part of our special day, to get to know Jesus Christ as their Savior, and to be part of Vision Baptist Church!

2 thoughts on “Phones for You”

  1. Phones for you was a great time. Seeing that picture of Kathryn reminded me of the nights that she would talk in her sleep. “Hi, this is Kathryn from World Vision Baptist church.”

  2. Well soon we will crank it up again! I hope all of our church gets to talking about the Lord Jesus and church in their sleep and when they are awake so much that everyone knows and many new people start coming

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