Latest update on Matthew Lee

Pastor Keith Lee, Fellowship Baptist Church, just published this about his new born son! I want to ask you to please be praying for them! I got this information from Jason Kenney’s blog!

Surely, I want to praise and thank the Lord for His mercy and goodness to Matthew. Around 8:30a and after a long night of struggle, Matthew stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating. A “Code Blue” was called and Matthew regained his heart rate and breathing on his own. Please continue to pray for Matthew. His condition is very serious. Matthew is very tired from his struggle. The Doctors have taking Matthew to the CICU and are placing Matthew on the ventilator and sedating him to allow him to rest while he recovers from this respiratory virus. These viruses hit children hard and especially children with heart problem. Amanda and I are doing good and we trust the Lord for His best. Thank you for your prayers.

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