Brother Plate!

We have a great friend and faithful attender, Sherry Penland, who calls me Brother Plate! I was preaching one night and trying to get across the point that we often put too much emphasis on the man, the preacher, and forget that the message is the steak! Since the message is what is important — the steak — then the preacher is just the plate that you bring the steak on! If that is the case then the preacher shouldn’ be getting so much praise.

Since that night Sherry has called me Brother Plate! She faithfully attends our church whenever her home church is not having services. She is almost like a member of our church and more faithful than some! She was at our revival every night that she wasn’t at her regularly scheduled church services. She is and has been a great blessing!

On Tuesday night the assistant pastor of her home church, Rest Haven Baptist Church, came to the services. She cheered at the mention of his name!

Well I would like to cheer at her name. I thank God for her sweet spirit, and her kind help to us and the ministry of Vision Baptist Church!

Thanks Sherry and may God richly bless you!

Brother Plate

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