The first snow for Vision Baptist

Except for the snow that we had at Christmas on the Northside we just had our first snow! We had the revival meeting tonight with Evangelist Lou Rossi! We had a great time on the inside in the service but the kids were having a blast on the outside before and after church!

They were making snow balls, throwing them, laughing, running, and just having a great time! It was good to see them enjoying themselves so much!

I think that the teens, however, enjoyed Brother Rossi’s message nearly as much as the snow and you know that is saying something.

Tomorrow night will be our last service with Brother Rossi so I hope you will take advantage of the evening and invite your friends. We are in deed having a good time and don’t want you to miss it!

Also let me encourage you to be getting gospel tracts and giving them out, contacting people about our church and the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have not signed up to be part of the SEVENTY you need to do so as soon as possible. The only thing we ask is that you make contact with someone every week with a tract, an invitation, witnessing, a phone call, an email, or whatever way you have of getting word to people about the Lord Jesus Christ or our church.

1 thought on “The first snow for Vision Baptist”

  1. Bro. Austin,
    I enjoyed the service Tuesday night. The prayers are being answered!

    I thought you would get a kick out of this:
    I brought Luke back home with us and as you know it really started snowing Wednesday afternoon. Luke got all excited and began to shout: ” Is it real? … Is it real?” I said to him,” of course it is real”. Then I realized the last time he had seen snow it was artificial at Christmas on the Northside.
    Thank you for having a church where the kids can enjoy having a good time.
    Keep up the good work.

    Yours from Dalton…where the snow is real,
    Bro. Wayne

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