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Friends have been praying with us about our revival plus others of our own church over seas, missionaries, and those who have been unable to attend because of work! I want to give you an update!

Evangelist Lou Rossi has been a real blessing to our church and God has been moving! Last night we had a total of 88 people with us. We were honored with the visit of several pastors, Kenneth Cofer of Trinity Hill Baptist Church, Josh Harrington, Assistant Pastor of Rest Haven Baptist Church, Scott Strickland, a pastor from Lulu, Georgia, and Wayne Cooke, (missionary church planter to New York)! There were many people at the altar during the invitation!

Tonight God blessed again! We had our youth night services organized by Trent Cornwell, our Youth Pastor! We had four youth groups represented, four pastors, 25 preachers, 64 young people, and a total of 176 in attendance. Again God blessed tremendously. There were tears, getting right with parents and God, and lots of praying! It was great!

We were honored to have Pastor Wayne Cofield from Whitfield Baptist Church, Pastor Derik Lawrence from Victory Baptist Church, Pastor Charles Blackstock from Lighthouse Baptist Church, and Missionary Wayne Cooke from Hope Baptist Church!

The youth groups that honored us tonight were Stephen Cofield and his youth from Lighthouse Baptist Church, Chad Gordon and his youth from Victory Baptist Church, and Chad Crawford and his youth from Bible Baptist Church. God was so good to us in allowing us to worship together with all of these dear churches and their youth groups.

Thank you David Young, our son in law, and Antioch Baptist Church for fasting and praying with us! You are a blessing!

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  1. well thank you there Dr. Hill. I had no idea and I couldn’t remember how to say it or the name of his church. When I wrote that everybody I thought might know was in bed.

    I do thank you for watching the blog and responding. I used to go to Camp Macedonia which was in that area. I still didn’t remember how to say it. I thought maybe it was that Georgia accent like Pastor Cofer was using

  2. I just got an email from John Pearson and he gave me the name of Pastor Scott Strickland’s church it is Holly Springs Baptist Church. I didn’t have that information last night. I guess now that we are up to day on the info and I hope you can see that it was a great evening and God really blessed

  3. I was responding to this post that was put under contact me and so I suppose that much of what you just read didn’t make sense


    Chris Hill on 16 Jan 2008 at 12:52 am # edit this

    I believe the city “Lulu” should be “Lula.” Hope that helps.

    Great service tonight. Great attendance. Great everything. It’s just the kind of night our great God wants us to have.

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