Happy Birthday Pastor Trent!

God has given us a wonderful man to lead our teen and student ministry. He is passionate about serving God and desires to see the world reached with the gospel message. I am excited about how God is already using him so much in our church. I see us with young people that have more and more desire to do something for God.

I hunger for the day that we will have our own young people training in the Our Generation Training Center and getting ready to go some where in this world to reach others with the gospel message.

Trent you have have been a blessing to me for many years now! I love you and thank God for you! I love the fire in your heart! I love the way you read, learn, and study all the time. I love the way you see God moving in your heart and life and I am sure that we will be able to get more done than ever before as the years go by.

I thank God for giving you a good wife! I thank God for giving you a baby that is on the way! I thank God for the privilege of working with you on our church staff and team. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Keep up the good work!

Have a wonderful day though most of it will be spent at church and in revival meeting. I think that is where you heart is any way! Happy Birthday from a friend that loves you very much!

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