Working with the greatest team in the world!

What can I say! I am spoiled as a pastor, I do not deserve all the good treatment and love that I get. Thank you so much for all you do.

I wanted to tell you what happened when I got home from Boston. I walked in Sunday morning getting ready for the revival with Lou Rossi to start and my office door was closed. This to be honest with you is quite unusual. People are in and out of my office all day and all the time.

When I opened the door I was given a shock as I saw that while I was gone just over 24 hours the team had repainted, reorganized, and fixed up my office. It is beautiful. On the window ledge they had put 4 pictures of my family–wow, Each child and their families and they are beautiful pictures, book shelves reorganized–what can I say–I am blessed!

Then I looked in the aquarium and there is the biggest Oscar that I think I have ever seen. He is an albino and he is ugly. He is the talk of the office. All the kids come running to see him and then talk about him!

I am blessed. I am spoiled beyond understanding. The team has always been so good to me. I honestly can’t believe how good they all are to me.

Can I tell you that God has blessed our church but it is because I am privileged to work with the best people in the world. I really started out better than any man ever should–the team that God gave me is the kind of team that churches that are years and years old do not have–I am blessed.

I was just sitting here thinking this morning how good it is to serve God and what a wonderful church we have! God bless each of you.

Also several little things have happened since our meeting started that make me thing God is really doing something–I have received several emails stating that God is working in lives, comments in my office and in the halls, people returning for the evening service that have never done so–God is working and He is good.

God sent people to our services yesterday that have not been there is some time–wow–it was good and all that I can say is God is good.

Well I can’t wait for tonight to see what God is going to do but I wanted to tell you that I love you and I thank God for you. Thanks.

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