Staff needed!

Will you pray with me about some goals and visions that I have for our church in the coming year! We need God to provide some staff people for us–no–we do not have the money to pay a salary –yet! But it has been our philosophy to get the man before the ministry so I wanted to ask you to pray with me about this.

I want God to give us a man to work with our Senior Citizens. I desperately want God to give us some older people in our church. I thank God for all of our young people but I am in like the top 10 oldest people in our church–I want God to give us some Senior Saints and I want someone to lead this ministry–Pray with me about this please.

I want to start a program for addictions. There are people who are hurting and desperately need help. I want God to provide a person who can lead this ministry. He can put the vision on someone’s heart and He can build the man, the ministry and He can provide the money!

I want God to give us a program to help people that have suffered in divorce. I want them to know that there is a church that really cares about them. Will you pray with me about this?

I want God to give us a secretary and receptionist. Right now we don’t have the money but this is someone that we really need. Someone to answer the phone, make calls, take care of the office and one hundred other things. We can start with a volunteer and pray that God raise up the money to pay for it sooner or later.

Well I am just getting ready to share our vision with you and I thought that I might tell you some of the things that I am thinking about this morning and what I am praying about.

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