I was just thinking about Camila! She was our volunteer secretary in my first pastorate. She had scleroderma! She came in every day and worked for free in our office. She later died of this disease and she suffered and hurt every day but she had a most beautiful spirit and attitude. Here is a picture of what scleroderma does to your hands and body. Her case was far more severe than this and she later died from this disease.


Can you imagine typing on an electric typewriter with hands much worse than that. She came in, typed all of my letters, made phone calls, answered the phone, handled my schedule, encouraged me, and was a great secretary.

She never charged a cent rather she was one of our largest givers in the church! She sought every way possible to help me do the work that God had sent me to do in the church.

I am just wondering who in our church under far less stress and dealing with far less problems could give their life to help us in the office. Camila didn’t work occasionally–she was full time! She didn’t make a dime but rather gave everything!

She only missed when she was in the hospital getting treatments etc. It takes sacrifice to build a church and to train men and women for the gospel work, but it is worth it.

I challenge you to pray about it and see if God has a job that you can be doing right now to further His causes and His kingdom!

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