Be 1 of the 70

In Luke 10:1 the Bible says “After these things the Lord appointed other seventy also, and sent them two and two before his face into every city and place, whither he himself would come.”

I want to invite you to be one of the seventy! What if 70 of us signed up to invite or witness to at least one person a week for the rest of this year. You can give out a gospel tract, call someone and invite them, visit them, send them an email, knock on doors or anything else in your power to contact people and talk to them about the Lord and invite them to church.

Our goal is to make at least 1,400 contacts this week. I just mentioned this tonight and already a bunch of people have signed up to be one of the seventy!

Invite who you can for tomorrow night at the revival at 7:15 pm.

There will be a box where you can put a slip of paper with the number of contacts of contacts you have made. Each Thursday night we will celebrate the number of contacts that we have made. We cannot control how many people come to our church but we can control how many people we contact and how many people that we witness to. It is going to be great as we see how God uses each of us to share what He is doing in our church and lives.

We will keep a total of how many contacts were made each week and then the cumulative total for the year. I want to see at 500,000 contacts made before the year is over–wouldn’t that be a miracle.

God will use us for His honor and glory so come on in and sign up to be one of the seventy! Remember you just have to commit to making a minimum of one contact a week!

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