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Jorge Montenegro accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior by reading a gospel tract that our son, David, gave him. He put the tract down on his bed side table and read it later. He then attended our church. I had the privilege of discipling him. today his two sons are in the ministry. The older one is a missionary in Bolivia and the younger is pastoring with Chris at the Faith Baptist Church. We should use gospel tracts.

R A Torrey said the following:

For the conversion of the unsaved. A tract will often succeed in winning a man to Christ where a sermon or a personal conversation has failed. There are a great many people who, if you try to talk with them, will put you off; but if you put a tract in their hands and ask God to bless it, after they go away and are alone they will read the tract and God will carry it home to their hearts by the power of the Holy Ghost. One of our students wrote me in great joy of how he had at last succeeded in winning a whole family for Christ. He had been working for that family for a long time but could not touch them. One day he left a tract with them, and God used that tract for the conversion of four or five members of the family. Another student held a cottage meeting at a home, and by mistake left his Bible there. There was a tract in the Bible. When he had gone, the woman of the house saw the Bible, picked it up, opened it, saw the tract and read it. The Spirit of God carried it home to her heart, and when he went back after the Bible she told him she wanted to find the Lord Jesus Christ. The tract had done what he could not do in personal work. I once received a letter from a man saying, “There is a man in this place whom I tried for a long time to reach but could not. One day I handed him a tract, and I think it was to the salvation of his whole family.

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  1. I am in the process of going to Bolivia on business with my husband. The Lord has laid it upon my heart to do some witnessing spreading the gospel there. This arlticle was very interesting and I am interested in finding tracts to take with me on my trip in February. Where can I obtain them?

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