Back from Boston

I just got back from Boston and had some supper and thought I would give you a brief update. I met with the board of directors of Arabic Bible Outreach Ministries for several hours today and had supper with the president and the man who started the entire ministry last night.

I was very impressed. Mike Hajj had a desire to reach other Arabic speaker in his community several years ago. He started this ministry with just the desire to reach his people that lived in the area. God gave him literally a world wide outreach.

His ministry is proof that someone can take the internet and make a world wide impact for the cause of Christ. They now get thousands of visitors to their sites every day. People are getting saved, Bibles are being given out.

I wonder if any one reading this could be used of God to do an internet site that would reach Chinese people, people from India, and other places. God has a way that you could be used to get the gospel out if you would just step up!

I presented the work of Project North Africa and learned about their ministry. God has people every where working to get the gospel to the world. I am glad that I found some people that are working with us to get the gospel to North Africa and we can work with them.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you in the revival this week with Lou Rossi. Don’t miss a service!

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