On my way to Boston!

You better be praying for Boston! What will they say when they hear that I warshed my hands before I ate my supper tonight! The hick is on his way to the city of culture to meet with the Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry. I am excited about this ministry and the heart that these men have for the Lord Jesus. I am anticipating a very fruitful and God blessed time with them. Will you pray for me that God will bless our meeting.

I will be back tomorrow night but since I will be in Boston I will not be able to make any visits or invite anyone except by phone for our revival. I wanted to ask each of you to be praying, inviting, and working to make this week a great success.

How many gospel tracts and revival invitations can you give out before the week is over? Pray over every tract! Give them out at the gas station, the restaurant, your friends and family and then even go door to door or to your neighbors but lets invite people for His honor and glory.

I know that God is going to work in great ways so please be praying and come expecting great things. I will be with you on Sunday and can’t wait to meet with my Sunday School class and then to hear Lou Rossi preach on Sunday morning and night.

Now I know that some of you do not attend on Sunday evening or during the week but I am going to ask you to make an extra special effort to be with us this week. You are not going to want to miss all that God is going to do.

Do you know the story of Thomas the disciple who was known as doubting Thomas. Jesus showed up on Sunday night for the meeting the apostles were having after his death. Thomas wasn’t there. He missed the first meeting where Jesus showed up after His death and resurrection.

When the others told him that Jesus had come he couldn’t believe it. He doubted. Because if you aren’t there you may miss something very special and you will not even be able to believe what God did. He said I don’t believe that He came and I will not believe until I can stick my hand into his wounds.

Jesus showed up again the next week on Sunday night. This time he reprimanded Thomas and said come stick your hand in my wounds. Can you imagine the embarrassment? It would be better to be there and not miss it than to regret missing what God is doing later?

See you Sunday morning and night, I pray!

Chris did make it back to Arequipa so the planes flew out of Lima and on to Arequipa. He is a happy camper and the kids and wife are glad to have daddy and hubby back home again.

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