It doesn’t take much when God is in it!

Last night a young lady from our church, Stephanie Craven, brought a visitor to the service! I just want you to know how it works. Stephanie works at Cracker Barrel. She simply somehow shares her faith in a very unobtrusive way without ever letting it hinder her work.

As I understand it this week a man was eating who was in town from Wisconsin on business. As he gets served he Stephanie invited him to visit her church on Sunday. He says that he will not be in town and so Stephanie proceeds to invite him for Thursday night. He says that maybe he could attend.

She pulled out the church ink pen with the address on it and told him to come and visit. Last night he was in the service.

He said that he enjoyed the service and that the next time he is working in the area he will be back with us.

Now the moral of this story is that we go praying and concerned for lost souls. We simply invite them in a natural way and talk to them as the Lord opens the door. I am sure that Stephanie was blessed by the Lord to see her invitee at church last night.

That was God’s blessing but it started with her willingness to obey God and to give the invitation.

Can you mention the Lord somewhere this week? Can you invite a friend? Do you think God might also honor your efforts if you simply stepped out on faith and gave the invitation?

There are people every where that know that God is working in their lives. They need God, the gospel, the Word of God, and the church.

Revival is coming up! Who will you invite? Who are you praying for?

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