Day of fasting and prayer!

God is working in our church as we get ready for revival. Several are praying every day for 30 minutes intervals.

We had a good group of prayer meetings on Sunday night.

Now tomorrow, Wednesday, is our day of prayer and fasting. People will be fasting different amounts. I have gotten several emails about the desire to fast and pray–some will give up one meal, others two and others 3 meals going as much as 30 hours or more without eating. You do what ever you feel like God would have you to do but of all things please pray!

Pray all day tomorrow as it comes to your mind. Think of the needs we have to see God move in our midst. Pray for Evangelist Lou Rossi that God would give him exactly the messages we need to hear.

Pray that God would work first in your heart and bring revival in each of our hearts.

Pray that God will work in each of our lives to reach out to others with the gospel message. We want to see God use each of us to reach others and see them saved.

So tomorrow is a very special day! It is our chance to pray that God will really move in our church. We need a special touch from God.

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