Letter from Steve Pierce

Steve is in the Jackson Diagnostics Center (prison). The place can be quite dangerous as an inmate. He asked me to post this letter so that our people could hear from him and be praying for him. I ask you to pray for him that God will do a real work in his life right where he is. You can see from this letter that God is working even now.

The idea of protection is very important for him right now and I thank God for how Steve feels comforted right now and wants to even pray for our missionaries. I think that is a good lesson for all of us.

I hope you will pray for Steve.

Tuesday 1/1/08 2 PM

Brother Austin,

I woke up this morning on New Year’s Day realizing I just had the best dream a believer could ever have.

A friend and I were at his house watching the news on television. It was about all the sea animals (different kinds). They were actually swimming through the rivers. So me and this friend and his dog went to a river and stood on the side of the bank and watched all these animals: dolphins, manatees, electric eels, whales, sharks swimming in the water (you could see through the water) when all of a sudden his dog jumped into the water and attacked a manatee. This friend jumped in after his dog.

Well I was standing by myself and heard some loud noises behind me, so I looked and all of these lions and cougars came out of no where and one jumped in the water and attacked a sea animal too. I climbed down into this ravine and all of a sudden a huge lion spotted me and ran toward me very fast and leaped. As he was leaping toward me I got on my knees and prayed to God for protection and to rescue me from the lions like he did for Daniel.

As I was praying, I felt the mouth of the lion around my praying hands and around the back of my head (my head and hands were in his mouth). I could feel his teeth biting into my head and hands. But as I was praying I knew God would deliver me, I just knew it (I even thanked Him) and the next thing I felt were the lion’s teeth unclenching.

I finished my prayer, opened my eyes and the lions were gone. In my dream I went home and told everyone what God had done for me, I was happy and very thankful. The last thing I remember of the dream was wondering if it was a dream or not. I don’t know what happened to my friend or my dog but who really cares?

I woke up this morning and instantly reflected over my dream. I was thankful and very happy and even prayed and thanked God for my reaction Hebrews 4:12 to the lions and my deliverance in the dream. I think of how real it was and how close it is to the life I am living now.

I think of my missionary friends in Morocco, China, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, and many other countries and how they are also living amongst the lions. I don’t live in fear every day because I know I serve a mighty God. I have faith in Him and I know He answers prayers.

I also know my church family is praying for my protection and for Him to use me as He sees fit.

I don’t know what I ate yesterday that may have caused me to have this dream, but I can tell you this much, my devotions this morning just happened to be Psalms 17-18 imagine that!

Isn’t God good? What a way to start off the New Year. So here is my New Year’s resolution: to pray for all the missionaries across the world everyday for their protection that day and everyday.

Happy New Years Psalm 18:49

Steve wanted this put on the blog for his church family and missionary friends to see. At breakfast after the night of dreams he sat next to three men that were discussing their dreams also. They were bragging about how they always have killing dreams–it was disgusting. I couldn’t help it–I had to share mine.

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