Praying for the revival!

As you know we now have only 1 week until we start the revival meetings, but revival is much more than a series of meetings. Only God can give real revival. We need Him to work in our lives and in our church! I want to ask you to be praying for God to use Evangelist Lou Rossi, the music, and the entire service for His honor and glory.

It is great that several have already signed up to pray for 30 minutes a day for a week or at least one time that God would work. We must seek Him. The revival starts in each of us. Will we submit to Him? Will we ask Him to work in our lives? Will we recognize Him for who He is?

Tonight after the service we will meet in several rooms to beg God to work in our revival meetings. We will meet like this again on Thursday night after the service. Now I ask you to help me choose which day we can fast as a church body begging God to send revival. Maybe you could add a comment at the bottom of this post to suggest the day that you feel would work the best.

Also we will see tonight if anyone wants to host a cottage prayer meeting and we will give you instructions tonight on how to go about the prayer meeting. Together let’s seek God that He would do a real powerful work in our midst.

I so desperately want to see Him honored and glorified in our church and community as I know you do. Looking forward to seeing you tonight.

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