Great Day of Preparation for our Revival Meetings

Today God blessed in a really great way. Last week was extremely low for us in attendance but today God moved and we had 125 in Sunday School, 138 in the AM service and 84 in the PM service. The best thing of all today was the number of people that promised to be praying 30 minutes a day this week as we prepare for the revival.

Then after service we had 3 separate prayer meetings, the men 20, ladies, and then the teens. If we really want God to do something in our church in the way of revival we must pray and seek His face. Also the messages today were blessed and God seemed to move in people’s lives. God filled the altars. I am so thankful to God for all that He is doing in our church.

This Wednesday we will be praying and fasting as a church! There was quite a few people from the church that wanted to fast. Feel free to fast any number of meals or to just pray but please ask God to work that we might have revival. We want God to do a work in our lives from there to our community and then on to the entire world.

Then Thursday night after the service we will once again have the three prayer meetings.

Now this week each of us need to prepare our hearts to seek God! I know that God wants to work in the hearts of His people. I know you would love to see what God would do if we would just submit ourselves. I want to see God work.

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