Please pray

Please be in prayer for Pastor Gary Ledford. He is the pastor of University Baptist Church in Atlanta where I went to preach not long ago and many of you went with me.

He has swollen lymph nodes and his doctor has sent him to a cancer doctor. He would like to have you to pray for him. He is trusting God for whatever He might have in mind for him.

Pastor Ledford has had many health problems over the years and so please mention him in prayer and I will let you know when I hear anything.

Also pray for Lou Rossi as he prepares to preach our very first revival meeting at Vision Baptist Church. Right now plans are to have a youth night on Tuesday night and so I hope that you will do all in your power to invite as many people as you can to be with us for that very special night.

I want to ask each of you to pray about packing a row of chairs with your friends and family. I believe that God wants to work in our lives. I am excited to see what He will do.

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