A Call to Prayer

The revival is one week away. I want to issue a call to prayer. I believe that we stand in need of revival. Tomorrow night after the service I would like to invite all of you that are interested to meet with me in the Faith Friends room for a season of prayer asking God to work in our church and to send revival.

We will do the same thing on Thursday night but instead we will use either my office or another large room since the Faith Friends room will be in use with our children’s ministry — Master Clubs.

Also I am going to be asking you to sign up to pray 30 minutes a day from now until the Sunday of the revival if you will. You can sign up at any hour of the day or the night but I believe that we need to beg God to move in our midst.

I will also be offering to have some of you help by hosting a “cottage prayer meeting” this week if you would like where you will invite 10 or 12 people to your house for a prayer meeting. We will give you a resource telling you exactly what to do to lead the meeting.

I would love to get some comments from you seeing that you are reading this and willing to help get ready for a real move of God in our midst. Revival will take sacrifice.

Are you ready to see God move in our midst like never before. I would love to see us praying around the clock for the next week. We will see how everyone wants to get involved.

We have hurting people in our church that need a touch from God. We have lost family members and family members and friends that have gotten away from God. We need to see God work. Will you make some commitments for this week to see God work.

I am waiting to hear from you.

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