Did you read the devotional with your family today?

Well as you know we are in the process of trying to get every family to take time today to read their Bibles and have devotions as a family. Did you or are you about to read the Bible with your family.

Again here are some last minute instructions on how to go about reading your Bible with the family today–hopefully!

1. Keep it short and sweet! You really only need about 5 minutes

2. Get everyone to sit down, read the Bible passage and share a short word about it. You will find ideas of what to say and how to say it in the devotional guide you were given on Sunday.

3. Have a word of prayer with the family.

If you will follow these very short and simple steps you will have taken the first steps towards getting a very important habit started in your family. Your church, Vision, really cares about your family and your walk with the Lord. We will be here to help if you need more instruction.

Lord willing, Thursday evening we will give you some more instruction on how to have your family devotions.

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