2007–the year in review

Great things that God did this year in our family and in our church listed below. Maybe you can think of some others to add to the list.

*First ever couple’s retreat for Vision Baptist

*Starting Master Clubs for our children’s ministry

*A great Celebration Sunday as we celebrated our first year anniversary

*Our first ever Vacation Bible School was a great success

*Great BCWE leadership camp in June–God used it greatly and we had a blast

*Great Christmas program when the children and teens did their Cantata

*Our music has just gotten better and better all year long to the point that many people are very impressed about how God is blessing and using our musicians

*We have watched our adults grow spiritually and God doing a great work in their lives

*Financially each month our people have stepped up and done more and more and we are really getting where we are keeping up–Praise the Lord–He is so good to us!

*David Velke was our first new member in 2007

*David Clapp, Sam Paxin and Gertrudes Sanabria were the last to join the church in 2007–who will be the first in 2008

*Blessing services to send our missionaries off to the mission field, Aaron, Jacob Taube, and Tyler Masters

*Moving into our current facilities at the first of the year!

*Licensing seven young men to preach the gospel

*Christmas on the Northside was a booming success–30 visitors, 180 by the end of the evening

*People being saved, baptized and joining our church–you will learn more about this on January 20th in the evening service as we have our vision service

*Julio Soncco, our son in law was mightily blessed with a pace maker that there was no way he could have afforded to buy!

*Our church coming together as a team and family to do the work that God has called us to do

*Having the joint services with all the Spanish and the English churches together–the best was probably last Sunday morning

*Wonderful Summit this year–maybe the best ever

Hard or bad things that God allowed to happen in our family and church this year

*Losing several members and attenders as they moved out of state or on to new churches.–Kitty and Karla Stephens moved back to Wisconsin, Larry and Chae Hess returned to California, Julio and Pablo Robles leaving to return to Colombia, Hugo Navarette returning to Peru,

*My red tailed black shark being killed in the aquarium in my office

*being the sound system jerk

*Loosing the Pie Baking contest to Hugh Watson and John Pearson

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